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Google Ads Account

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What is Google Ads Account?

Buy Google Ads Account, Google Ads or Adwords is Google’s advertising system. Here, advertisers bid on certain keywords to appear in Google’s search results which is for their clickable advertisements. Google Ads accounts are the accounts which are needed to craft campaigns to advertise products. You can buy Google Ads accounts from us very easily and enjoy advertising. Buy Google Ads Account.


About our Google Ads account:

Before delivery to the buyer, we offer one Clean / White Hat Ad will run on the Ads account and it will be with a small daily budget.

  1. We are giving 48 hours of free replacement warranty and which will be provided only once and it will be in the early stages of spending when ads account go down.
  2. There will be no option for selecting gender of account and it will be randomly selected which will be based on availability.
  4. It will work 100% and it is guaranteed by us.
  5. We are taking delivery time of 48 hours but for some selected customers we are giving express delivery of 10 hours.


The things we deliver:

We are giving two options -A Google Ads account with payment method which includes one credit card and which is also added by seller or a Google Ads account which will be without a payment method that you require to add his own credit card.


How does this account work?

Google Ads account works on the dependency of the effectiveness of the keywords that you are bidding for. It can be said that the actual position of your ad is firm by your ad rank, which is also known as Maximum Bid times Quality Score. The highest of the ad rank gets the 1st ad position.Your actual Cost per click which will be calculated by the ad rank of the next highest ad below and which you divided by your Quality Score.The only exception of this rule will be when you are the individual bidder or the owner of the lowest bid in the Google Ads auction.

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